I’m not very good at sitting still and there are often wonderful initiatives that come my way. Some I’ve been involved with, some I just watch and some I have taken more of a leadership role. Whatever the case, if you are interested in getting involved in the Metastatic Breast Cancer Community, here are some idea.

GRASP stands for Guiding Researchers and Advocates to Scientific Partnerships and is the brainchild of Christine Hodgdon and Julia Maues. This program debuted at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium in December of 2019 and continued virtually at the Association of Clinical Oncologists Symposium in the Spring of 2020. I’ve been honored to participate as an advocate mentor and recommend participation to anyone who is interested in the scientific research portion of advocacy. I wrote previously about my experiences here.

MBC Grieving Together is the brainchild of Alyson Tischler and I’ve been honored to participate in brainstorming idea to assist the Metastatic Breast Cancer Community in processing the grief of losing 116 men and women each day in the US. This project is ongoing, but I’ve written about the beginnings here. Part of our newest offering is a series of webinars in partnership with Check out their events page and RSVP!

Legacy and leaving a legacy for our children and families and friends is a huge issue in the Metastatic Community. I’ve teamed up with Rob Lamp to bring the option of creating legacy videos to the metastatic community at a reduced rate with fundraising options and counseling available. Contact me if you want to learn more! I wrote a blog post about the details and you can read more here.

Advocating for Palliative Care is the brain child of Marianne Sarcich, who also completed the amazing list of virtual resources I highlighted in a blog post here. Her project seeks to determine the roadblocks to getting palliative care, creating a model palliative care program, and then ensure that all patients dealing with a serious or chronic illness have access to amazing palliative care. You can find out more about her project here.

IV Our Lives is a play written by Dr. Andrew Silver, a professor at Mercer University in Macon, Georgia, and widower of the poet, Dr. Anya Silver, who died in 2018 of Stage IV Metastatic Inflammatory Breast Cancer. In honor of his late wife, Dr. Silver set out to interview 116 men and women in the US living with Metastatic Breast Cancer and create a play based on the stories and experiences of men and women. The inaugural production in Washington DC in October of 2019 was a rousing success and the project continues in a more digital format due to the pandemic. Stay tuned for further updates!

Before her death, my friend Danielle Thurston put together pictures of MBC patients and their children to highlight the experiences of men and women with children while dealing with terminal cancer. This link is the resulting video.