This page is all about the over the counter products I use to enhance my body’s functions and immunities and externally. Everything I’ve used has been communicated to my doctors and my medical team. I strongly recommend that if you are taking any prescribed medication, that you don’t start any other complimentary or alternative regimens without consulting medical professionals.

CBD/THC is a big one for me. I use CBD during the day to manage my pain and I take a combination of THC and CBD at night to sleep. My medical cannibis prescription is overseen by a medical doctor and I consult regularly with a cannibis nurse with regard to dosing. I only purchase my products from state certified medical dispensaries and I use them as directed.

Milk thistle & dandelion root tea is something I drink regularly. I prefer the tea I purchase from Arbonne, which has a better blend including peppermint that doesn’t taste as bad as some of the other options I’ve tried. There are several available on Amazon as well.

Hydration mix is also something I purchase from Arbonne. The powder that I mix with water is full of vitamins and has a gentle taste that helps me drink more water throughout the day. There are other similar products from other companies, but this one is my favorite.

Energy fiz Sticks from Arbonne is another product I use. The fatigue caused by having cancer and taking the cancer drugs is indescribable. It’s more than the fatigue of law school or new babies or running a business, it’s a bone deep fatigue that doesn’t get any better with sleep or rest. Coffee was always my go to before children and pregnancy, but just hasn’t cut it with cancer, plus I get jittery at times. I like these fizzy sticks since they are all natural ingredients and don’t ever give me the jitters. Plus, they taste good and there’s a variety of flavors. My recent favorite is the strawberry.

Because of all the pain and inflammation in my legs, I soak in Epsom salt baths regularly. This is my favorite bundle from Amazon that I have on subscription so that it comes automatically.

For the first time in my entire life, I’ve been struggling to keep my weight up at a reasonable level. I’ve literally not weighed this little since I was in middle school! In addition to the appetite increasing benefits of Medical Cannibis, I have also been drinking the medical grade nutritional shakes from Kate’s Farms, as recommended by my clinical dietician in my palliative care doctor’s office. These shakes have far less preservatives and extra “stuff” than most of the shakes available at the grocery or health food stores that I’ve found.

Wigs and head covers are necessary as we lose our hair through various treatments. I was able to get a real hair wig through my insurance company, which I literally wore one time. Florida is pretty hot, so I gravitate towards beanies or scarves instead. Here is a great website that carries synthetic wigs of all colors as well as scarves and hats. All of the prices are extremely reasonable!