Comp. Prac.

As many of you are aware, my treatment for Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer consists of both traditional medicine as well as Complimentary or Alternative options. What I am doing is usually labeled “Integrative Care,” although I don’t have an integrative physician available to me to follow or guide me. Since I’ve had to figure this out on my own, I wanted to include my list of local practitioners and why I use them.

As a reminder, I always tell all my doctors everything I’m doing to avoid any issues with contraindications. Please keep your medical doctors informed at all times! Please remember that I’m not a doctor or any kind of medical professional, I’m just a patient who has put together a regimen that is working. If you have any questions about whether or not you should engage any of the practitioners below or a similar kind of practitioner, please contact your medical team for direction/advice.

Dr. Lewis Arrandt is a chiropractor, wellness expert, and Reiki master at the Wellness Center, Inc. in Kendall, Florida. Dr. Arrandt oversees a variety of supplements for me, as needed, along with chiropractic adjustments and other modalities that include a PEMPF machine, laser options, and detoxing modalities. Nearly every member of my family sees Dr. Arrandt and we all highly recommend him. Dr. Arrandt recognizes and appreciates his training and experience as it relates to Medical Doctors and is always respectful of the differing positions and approaches.

Marisol McManus Acupuncture and Wellness is where I go for acupuncture and input from Chinese medicine, which includes herbal remedies. Marisol has taken classes and done an incredible amount of individual research on how best to support me in my treatment. She is very respectful of the place that Medical Doctors hold and is always willing to find alternatives if there is an issue.

Dahomey Silva is quite literally the best massage therapist I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting. His knowledge of the body, it’s systems, and what he can do to support both is unparalleled. He has all of his own equipment and he comes to you! Dahomey definitely understands his position and role and always defers to doctors or other medical professionals like physical therapists who have differing expertise.

Dr. Steve Wheeler is a functional medicine neurologist that I started to see for Migraines. Migraines has been his specialty for a large majority of his practice and he approaches each patient individually and with the understanding that migraines are generally symptomatic of an underlying issue. He works hard to figure out that underlying issue rather than simply prescribing medication to deal with the results. Dr. Wheeler was in residency with my Medical Oncologist and has her respect.

Nurse Kristin Wohlschlagal is the cannibis nurse that I consulted when prescribed medical marijuana and I stay in touch with her regularly. Her command of the current research as well as having decades of actual treatment in the cannibis space gives her a unique perspective. The cannibis experience she has had professionally has been in the cancer arena and she is particularly well suited to provide guidance. My medical doctor who prescribes my medical marijuana reads and studies her reports to better provide me with pain management and palliative care.

Both Yoga and Meditation have become a large part of how I keep my mental health on the right track. I’ve had an unlimited membership at Bodhi Yoga for several years and I particularly like the chair yoga class that occurs during the lunch hour several days each week. While Meditation is part of the yoga teachings, my Mom and I also took a Meditation class with Peggy Gaines, who is a nurse and had a family member pass away from cancer. She is particularly sensitive to the issues that those of us with cancer face and has a variety of options that includes Reiki as well.

To further help with my pain and stiffness, I soak regularly in Epsom salt baths and I replicate the Physical therapy exercises I’ve been given in the pool as much as I can. Exercising in the pool takes a lot of stress off my joints, which are often inflamed and irritated due to my medications and scar tissue left over from surgeries.

Again, please remember that I’m not a doctor or any kind of medical professional. I have assembled these members of my team in light of my research and with the approval of my medical doctors. If you have any questions about a practitioner or any treatment, please always consult your medical team.