Cancer Bloggers

There are quite a few other bloggers that I follow who talk about their experiences with Cancer and the aftereffects of the diagnosis. Some of these bloggers may be Stage IV, others are not. Each of them bring something unique to the table and I appreciate their raw and honest contributions to this space. This list is in alphabetical order and not in the order of how much I love them.

Annie Asks You

Beyond the Pink Ribbon (Emily Garnett, the creator of this blog died on March 29, 2020. Since then, her husband, Christian Garnett, who was present with her throughout her cancer experience, has continued with some posts and updates)

Cancer Chronicles

Cancer Curmudgeon

Cats and Cancer

Connie Rosser Riddle

Diep C Journey

Elephants and Tea

From Nurse to Chemo

Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Its In My Blood

Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer

Kristie Konsoer

Lana Eberhard

Left Boob Gone Rogue (Uzma Yunus, the creator of this blog died on Jan 30, 2019. Since then this blog is continued by her husband Dheeraj Raina, also a physician and a psychiatrist, who was present with her throughout her cancer journey.)

Life and Irises

Life on the Cancer Train

Living Beyond Breast Cancer

Marlena Parra

Metastatic Madness

My Cancer Chic

Nancy’s Point

Semi-Thoughtful Musings

Silvie Leotin

The Cancer Bus

The (Other) C Word

Ticking off Breast Cancer

Wigs and Things

Who Invited Cancer to My Party?