On the first day of school, 2022

I wrote a blog post last year about the first day of school in 2021, following a very strange year complicated by COVID and school at home, etc. You can read that here. There are changes this year too, the boys are at a new school in a different county and we are all still adjusting to the new circumstances. Because of the change in schools/counties, their summer was a bit truncated and they’ve been enjoying the lax requirements and schedule.

While it is always a little sad to think about the end of things, like the summer, it is also exciting to see them take steps towards maturity each year. Liam, my eldest, will be in 4th grade this year and Malcolm will be in 2nd grade. The new school has two stories and is about twice as big as their first elementary school — Liam was happy to learn that his classroom will be on the 2nd story with all the other “big kids” in the school. Malcolm was excited to see that one of the playgrounds is right outside the 2nd grade classrooms.

My prayers/wishes for this year is that …

  • my boys will be able to learn without distractions;
  • my boys will not just be accommodated but celebrated for the traits that make them who they are;
  • my boys will be able to connect to their teachers — for the first time, my 2nd grader will have two different teachers and his grade is in portables outside the main school building;
  • my boys will be able to make friends quickly at the new school;
  • my boys will be able to feel safe to raise questions and concerns in class;
  • my boys will be leaders in doing the right thing;
  • my boys will be challenged in the things that are easy for them;
  • my boys will be challenged in the things that aren’t so easy for them;
  • my boys will adjust quickly to the pull out gifted program;
  • my boys will learn to work well with others in groups;
  • my boys will try new things, whether in class or outside;
  • my boys will find their unique place in the classroom and in their school;
  • my boys will feel accepted by others;
  • my boys will grow in their relationship with each other;
  • my boys will see that academics are part of the school experience, not the whole experience;
  • my boys will enjoy after school sports and other activities that get their bodies moving;
  • my boys will display empathy and concern for others.

While the boys are adjusting to the new school, we are also adjusting to new ways of doing things and the new to us families at the school. Having done this school change a few times, we are somewhat accustomed to finding our place and settling in and I’m hopeful that this adjustment will go smoothly.

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