BCAM 2021: Day #24

When I was first diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2017, my surgeon drew diagrams very similar to the ones on this slide. She told me how having HER2 receptors used to be a really really bad thing, but that there was an amazing new medication that I could take if I had them. She did a good job of balancing the bad news with suggestions to handle the news.

Then and now, I have continued to test negative for HER2 receptors and I haven’t had to take the medication that has been a godsend for so many. Before that medication was available, though, the people with HER2 receptors were more likely to die quickly.

This is how research helps people living with cancer.

And we need more of it.

We need research to be able to block every receptor, to stop every cancer cell in its tracks, and to eventually solve the problem of cancer for good. Until that time, though, we must rely on the scientists working hard in their labs to answer small questions until they get to the bigger ones. And the only way that those scientists can continue to do their work is through funding research.

Today, please consider a donation to Metavivor so that scientists working to solve the questions that need solving can continue their work.

2 thoughts on “BCAM 2021: Day #24

  1. “We need research to be able to block every receptor, to stop every cancer cell in its tracks.” It sounds so simple when expressed on paper. Why can’t it happen? I keep waiting. I know it’s more complicated, but it’s frustrating. I thought science would be further by now looking back to when I was first diagnosed.

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