Twas the Night Before School Started

Twas the night before school started
when all through the town
the parents were cheering
it was a riotous sound.

By eight the kids were washed
and tucked into bed
when memories of homework
filled them with dread.

New pencils, new folders, new notebooks too,
new teachers, new friends, the anxiety grew.
The parents just giggled when they heard of this fright
and shouted upstairs-GO TO BED-IT’S A SCHOOL NIGHT!

Author: Kristie L Trevino

Someone needs to write an updated version of this for parents during a COVID pandemic when the powers-that-be are unwilling or unable to put the safety of the children in their classes before politics! Not knowing if we will be quarantined after tomorrow or throughout the year and how that affects both academics and social growth is causing anxiety different from other years and in greater intensity.

Sending my kids to school with masks for themselves, extras for others, hand sanitizers, and lots of instructions!!

Fingers crossed.

10 thoughts on “Twas the Night Before School Started

  1. Prayers for a safe school year which much academic and social growth for your kiddos. And for wisdom to navigate each challenge along the way. 🙏🙏🙏

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  2. And we’ll take a stab at writing an updated Covid version (bad metaphor given all we also worry about our children in school it’s not like when we went to elementary school is it?)

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  3. Omg, I so feel this. Almost every single day since ours began two weeks ago we have gotten notification of 1-2 new cases. Last week one said it was in her class and we’d be notified if she needed to quarantine. However the dashboard said there were four cases and zero quarantines. Then the news showed that quarantining is not happening because the department of health is so overwhelmed they have had trouble keeping up with contact tracing. I’m terrified. Thankfully Kennedy says almost everyone is wearing a mask. Praying for you! ❤️

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      1. I hear you. Since Kennedy spent a week with her dad, it gives me a reprieve, but she’s coming back right now and I wish I had a Lysol bath to dunk her in! The anxiety is awful. I wish their messages were actually explain that there is no contact tracing so parents could quarantine on their own when they get the message about class contact.

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