Metastatic Parenthood

I count myself blessed to be surrounded by amazingly talented and resilient advocates in the MBC community. Everywhere I look, there’s another advocate who saw the missing pieces of support in his/her own life or in the lives of the people around them and is seeking to address that gap. I’ve often said that the people within the MBC community are best suited to meeting the needs of or addressing the needs of other people in the MBC community.

What’s the saying? Nothing for us without us?

I’ve shared before about my friend Amanda’s Metastatic Parenting USA photography project and her amazing video entitled “74 Seconds,” since we lose someone to Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) every 74 seconds. Check out the amazing video and see if you see anyone you recognize. ;).

Today’s post, though, is about my dear Emily Garnett’s brainstorm, which her husband is carrying on into fruition since she didn’t have the time to fully get it going before she died earlier this year. She was able to have it registered as a corporation before she died and she talked about her ideas in a podcast here.

Christian Garnett, Emily’s husband and now widower, is carrying on her legacy and is looking for partners willing to assist with options and also on the board to move forward with the project. I interviewed him recently for an article published at, which you can read here. You can email him at if you have idea or want to partner with him.

Together, we can help move the needle forward on projects like Emily’s to address the needs of people with MBC wherever they are.

8 thoughts on “Metastatic Parenthood

  1. I didn’t know her, only of her. But she touched me. I finally watched her speech. So wonderful and honest and open. I don’t know how a 65 year old MBC patient with adult children can help with her plan, but let me know if there’s something I can do.

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    Abby, have you heard,

    “KISQALI” has an encouraging word….

    “We’re Thrivers!”

    Slogan enlivens

    the hope of slowing M.D.C. heard.*

    Jonathan Caswell

    KISQALI…is a recently released medicine for the slowing and symptom reducing of Metastatic Breast Cancer—M.D.C. the author’s mother died from it.

    “Abby” is a person of the author’s acquaintance who has M.D.C.

    i KNOW…! but I dedicate this to you…privately! 😀 Jonathan Caswell 😀

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