My husband has a birthday today!

Elliot is a few years older than I am and we joke that he’s the old man in each group we find ourselves in. He’s been a good sport about that. We were both pretty settled in our careers when we got married and have not had the experience of growing up together as much as others who met earlier in life. I think that’s given us a different perspective. We are the older parents and likely will not be young grandparents.

What Elliot has taught me more than anyone else I’ve been in a relationship with is to look first to our small family and what is best for us, and then to the wider world. I often get caught up in the way that things should be and work to shape the world in that way. Elliot reminds me that we only have control over what we do, where we spend our time, how we apply our internal values, how we decide to parent our boys.

Elliot has shown me with the boys that being a parent is about establishing the rules, yes, but it’s also about affection and hugs and kisses and cuddles and love. He’s super good at disarming a child who is upset with a joke, a hug, or a compliment.

Elliot has shown me with his life that I can rely on what he says, he lives his life as he says he will.

Elliot has shown me that when he makes a promise, a commitment, like the covenants we spoke to each other at our wedding on August 9, 2008, that I can trust him to follow through, even if that means moving hours away from his comfort zone to live with his in-laws.

Elliot has shown me that when he says he will take care of our finances and watch out for our family financially, I can rely on that regardless of what is going on in the world. I’m not super excited about following the stock market and watching our investments bounce around, but he is and takes this so seriously.

Elliot has shown me that commitment and love means to sacrifice what you might want yourself, for the good of the family.

Elliot has enriched my life beyond that which I could have imagined and I am so grateful and so blessed to be doing life and love and parenting with him.

Happy Birthday, my love!


43 thoughts on “My husband has a birthday today!

  1. Abigail,
    Either I’m losing track of time or Elliot is considerably older because he has more than one birthday a year (!?), but didn’t you write about his birthday not long ago?
    Anyway, as I think I wrote then, it sounds like it’s wonderful that you two special people found each other because you seem to complement one another so well. A belated happy birthday to the superb Elliot!

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