Health Union Connexion Conference 2019

I arrived on a cold (at least cold for this Florida-girl) and blustery day in Philadelphia for the HU Connexion Conference in October of 2019. This is the third conference of this kind for the parent company behind, (aka ABC) which I write for.

Health Union, LLC owns and operates more than twenty disease specific websites. ABC is just one example. During the conference, we learned more about the values that undergird everything that Health Union does along with why.

There are those companies who put forth a pretty picture of their culture without the commitment to implement what needs to happen to get there. In my experience, Health Union walks the walk and talks the talk.

During the conference, we had a chance to meet with the others in attendance for our specific site.

I can’t express enough how working with kind, genuine people who are willing to engage with patients who are terminal. We’ve lost contributors in the time I’ve been working with ABC (since May of 2019) and I’m sure we will lose more. I don’t know how a healthy person is able to do that.

And yet they do and I’m grateful.

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