Breast Cancer Facts, 10/18

I spent some time writing a full blog post on this issue, which you can read here. Scanxiety is a real thing and it arises when the worst thing that’s ever happened to you came about because of a scan and could happen again, after another scan. It’s about knowing what could happen and knowing it could happen again. If you know someone who is having a scan, realize that the emotions are entirely overwhelming. That person isn’t ok and needs help despite how much of a brave face they are showing to the world.

3 thoughts on “Breast Cancer Facts, 10/18

  1. Waiting on results sends me up the wall. I don’t sleep the night before a scan or biopsy, and don’t sleep afterwards until I get the results. The cancer center where I go has a policy not to give test results over the phone. I had a talk with them recommending that they consider individuals. My background is in courts and the law, so I want the facts whether they are good, bad, or indifferent. I’m also a praying person with a circle of praying friends. Knowing the results is important to know what to pray for. What did they do after the last biopsy? They called me with the results. The pathology report was no cancer cells.

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