From July 8, 2017

First chemo after surgery

Journal entry by Abigail Johnston — 


Went to the 3rd of 4 parts of the first round of chemo yesterday. It was the first after surgery and I was so much more anxious because of all the new medication I’m on. I basically slept through the whole day. Drs think it had to do with drug interactions. Going back to the Infusion center today for fluids to make sure I stay hydrated. I’ve another week and a half until I can shower again but the incisions on my legs are healing well and I’m able to do more walking every day. Yes with a walker but at least I’m moving. Can move more at night but still have to sleep on my back because of the incisions on my thighs. It’s strange to be feeling more normal and yet not be able to do so many little things. Drs are watching my iron levels as I’m pretty anemic and may need to have some iron next chemo. Or if it plummets again some blood infusions.

So thankful for everyone checking in and for the food deliveries and for my family coming into town every weekend to help with the boys. We’re blessed beyond measure.

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